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Are you a business looking to retain your talent?We invite you to connect with our Greater Minds Navigator today! 

Investing in employee education is good for business and means having a more skilled workforce, happier employees, and new business opportunities. Businesses throughout the region often compete for talent. This free program can help your business improve company culture and gain a competitive edge. We help businesses become employers of choice by providing free support and assistance to support employees’ return to school. 

How the Program Works 

Through one-on-one support, Jodi Brant our dedicated Education Attainment Navigator, will assist your business by helping employees evaluate options and identify opportunities, match their goals with the programs of local higher education institutions, and help them find the support they need to return to school. All Greater Minds services are available in person or virtually. 

Greater Minds Business Toolkit 

Greater Minds has developed a Business Toolkit to showcase how to best support your employees’ education goals. Additionally, this toolkit can spark ideas for new and innovative ways to engage employees in expanding their education and skills. 

 We are ready to help you and your employees through this process. In addition to the toolkit, Greater Minds can provide the following assistance to employees: 

  • Short “lunch-and-learn” style workshops for employees with how to get started, persistand finish their education. 
  • Assist in identifying certificate or degree program to meet educational goals of your employees or organization.
  • Connect your employees to information on financial aid including FAFSA, grants, scholarships and how to access student loans.

Connect with a Greater Minds Navigator today! 

Jodi will work with your Human Resources department to provide you and your employees’ information and services related to postsecondary education opportunities and help guide you and your employees through the process. Connect with her today! 

Jodi Brant, Education Attainment Navigator
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