It’s Scholarship Season!

Don’t miss your opportunity to apply for additional funding! In addition to federal aid and state grants through FAFSA and WASFA, scholarship money is available for adult learners — you [...]

Tips for Scholarship Essays

1. Read the instructions! Make sure you read and understand the instructions, before you start writing. 2. Organize your thoughts Think about what you are going to write, and organize your [...]

Time Management

Tackle what can be the greatest challenge for returning adult students – time management. Family…friends…work…volunteer work…childcare. That is a lot to juggle. Adding “school” to the mix [...]

Investing In Your Future

6 Ways to Pay for Your Education Finishing your degree can help you find new career opportunities and even higher pay. But one of the biggest challenges in returning to school can be figuring out [...]

Finding Time for School

Five Tactics to Help You Find The Time for School….AND Protect It Time is one of the main considerations adults make when thinking about finishing their degree. Having enough time for family, [...]

Tips for Returning to Learning

Thinking about going back to college? Greater Minds offers the following advice on how to overcome the most common barriers that keep adults from getting back to college and ahead in life. # 1: [...]

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