Thank you for your commitment to our region’s employees. Greater Minds is an important initiative of GSI’s foundational strategy: Achieve – part of the Greater Spokane 7.  You are now part of our key community initiative to significantly increase degree attainment in our region.  Investing in education opportunities for your employees has the benefit of increasing the productivity and innovation that exists within your workplace while helping to expand, retain, and recruit top talent for our region.


Invest in your employees through Greater Minds

Investing in your employees’ education opens doors to opportunity for our entire region. Adults who complete their degree or certificate can earn more money, advance their careers, and improve job security. Higher education institutions recruit new students and diversify their student base. Businesses improve company culture and gain a competitive edge. In short, an educated workforce means a healthy economy and thriving community.

For more information on investing in employee education, click here to view the most recent Lumina Foundation study.

Why should your business participate in Greater Minds?

You have the opportunity to build a talent base for your company that will fuel long-term sustainability. You also have an opportunity to invest in your employees. This investment will yield an increase in job satisfaction, increase productivity and an enhanced skill set. Supporting employees in pursuing their educational goals is one of the solidest ways to guarantee that your business grows and thrives in an increasingly demanding and dynamic market.

An increasing number of jobs now require a post-secondary credential. High level certificates, 2- and 4-year degrees will be required to fill the technically skilled in-demand positions throughout our industry sectors. Without an adequate pool of talent, these jobs cannot be filled.

Talented high performers are attracted to regions with a density of college-educated individuals and a wealth of employers committed to continuous learning. Spokane continues to grow and attract employers who need a talented workforce.

Employee investment in degree completion

A survey conducted by GSI and seven employer partners confirmed that many working adults are already enrolled in college and that they are motivated to complete a degree. Of those with some college and no degree, 45 percent attended college within the last five years and 40 percent have completed 60 credits or more.  Employees identified personal satisfaction, increased income, career advancement, and setting an example for their children as motivators for degree completion.

Creating greater opportunities through education

As an employer, you play a critical role in helping our region benchmark progress in this important work. By agreeing to collaborate and partner in this endeavor you contribute to a powerful infrastructure that supports our region’s economic development efforts.

Be a Greater Minds Partner.

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